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Center of Integrated Neurology and Life
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Designing for the next generation campus academic laboratory that supports inter-disciplinary brain and behavioral researches between multiple CMU frontier territories, including neuroscience, psychology, computer science, statistics, and engineering.

Receiving professorial advisories from Payette [Boston] Principal, Charles Klee, and practical requirements and demands from clients of Mellon Institute of Science, the new building consists of laboratories with experiments of different intensities, offices, colloquiums, shared write-up spaces, vivariums, and a dedicated children’s school. 

The building is featuring long span open shared write-up spaces on each of the upper floor with openings of shapes inspired by nerve cell/nodes. Each of the openings are located on different areas for each floor to allow indoor greeneries penetrating. Acoustic materials are applied around the working environment to reduce the noise interference.

Project was landed as an extension/completion of the current Tepper Quad [CMU School of Business building], and is accessible from the Morewood building on the east end. The shared write-up corridor also has expandable connection potentials with the future buildings on the west end.

*This is an individual project
Year: 2019 (Spring)

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