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JFK Airport International Terminal 4 is currently being planned for the expansion of a new structure of approximately 10 gates, 100ksf connected through the existing six-gate, 75ksf Concourse A to the main terminal. 

In this studio project, through the Exploration of the rich and varied conceptual design opportunities arising from architectural, structural, infrastructural and mechanical systems at very large scale and with a high degree of complexity, we’re to define the complete design through research and analysis of the building typology, the exceptionally dynamic functional rhythms, complex programmatic spaces with distinct systems, and a widely diverse user group with varying needs and desires. The final product will be a principal anchor and integral component of a global transport and communication network, yet with a need to be responsive to local environment, materials & methods, and cultural traditions.

The major concepts of the design is focusing on the viewing and lighting experience of the users. Airport is a typology with strictly limited access after security point, in which case viewing experience became more essential than ever. Aperture are strategically created from the true west and south combined with holdrooms and concession locations to create as much viewing angles and daylight intakes. During times of the day when special lighting condition happens, the kinetic louver system would mitigate or reflect low angle lights to help neutralize the interior lighting and thermal performance.

The whole concourse consists of two pieces, with one includes the other. The departure hall, under a giant curved building envelope, is where everything happens. Normally arriving international passengers have to go through a enclosed tunnel, called sterile corridor, without any aperture to reach boarder clearance, which is the case for the existing terminals. In my design, the sterile corridor penetrates through the departure hall with transparent enclosure, allowing the arriving passengers to enjoy the same spatial experience visually after getting off the plane. 

On the exterior side of the airport, it has a very special view from the aerial perspective, since airport is probably the only typology on which the view would also be appreciated. This will be providing the seamless experience for passengers, whether they’re leaving or entering the city via air, as this would be their first or final impression of New York.

*This is an individual project
Year: 2019 (Fall)

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