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For this project, I was to develop an architectural proposal for a Wellness Center to compliment the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Highland Center Lodge located in the rugged and majestic white mountains of New Hampshire. The AMC seeks to expand their resources to include a facility that offers physical and mental respite through the healing properties of water. While the architectural implementations and cultural significance of public baths and spas have shifted over time, the therapeutic benefits and primitive connection to the natural world remain.

My design intention is to expand this atmospheric experience to the openness of lake while the facility still retains engagement to the massive woods behind that conceals the users from the rather noisy public environment. Within my project, visitors will be able to follow a designated circulation that connects the hierarchic functionalities and experience unique feelings of spaces and senses of outside environment  from various horizontal or vertical positions. The idea of half-level access was introduced to accommodate the gradual changing topography by the lake.

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